Relax. Eat. Drink. Keep moving.


Relax. Eat. Drink. Keep moving.
I’ve gone from about as fit as I’ve ever been to not feeling very fit at all over the last 6 months.  The fitness/freshness chart below sums it up better than I can:

So what makes me think I have any business getting ready for the Tooting 24h race tomorrow?
If I’m totally honest it’s mostly curiosity.
I know I can grit my teeth and grind out mile after mile, that’s the main reason for the last two injuries after all, but I wonder how much endurance and stamina remains after week upon week of no training, bad food and wine.
Six months ago I was running 80 miles a week, I’ve been happy with 30 recently, at a glacial pace. Any longer or faster just makes my still-not-right hamstring flare up.
It’s an experiment, starting tomorrow at midday.
Wish me luck!

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